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Gunivers is a community that aims to support creators in their projects, while creating a fertile ground for learning new skills such as development, graphic design, video editing, communication and much more!


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Through this community, we seek to


We put our resources at the disposal of creators to help them in their projects


We are constantly looking for new and original concepts to realize


We create a space for knowledge sharing through creative projects

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Our partners

Discover the groups that support us and with whom we work!

mTx Serv

mTx Serv is a remote server hosting company offering high performance servers. Whether you want to create a game server like Minecraft, host a website or simply have a storage server, you will surely find what you are looking for.

The Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is a digital journal based on Minecraft, offering details on new versions of the game as well as engaging and insightful content.

BuildMyWorld banner


BuildMyWorld is a team of talented builders aiming to create a medieval map, all with one important constraint: put each block one by one! is the biggest French-speaking news site related to the game Minecraft. With daily articles, you will be able to follow all the news about the game development and the community. is a set of servers, including a freebuild with an economic system and a modded server using the SkyOddyssey modpack

Evol Originel

Evol Originel is a team that makes short and feature films on Minecraft. has been a community since 2015 offering a set of servers offering a complete Minecraft experience (survival, hardcore, creative, snapshot) and as close as possible to vanilla.


DataWorld is a community similar to ours and focused on Datapacks and other personal projects. They also have many very active help rooms.

Crafty logo


Crafty is a Discord bot as well as a website entirely focused on Minecraft! Their goal is to assist all players at any time, whether it’s via the crazy Discord bot or via their versatile website. Check their website for a full list of what’s possible!