Mapmaking Guide: Development

The development aspect, although relatively hidden for most players, is an integral part of the creation in Minecraft. For some, this is a way to exploit the game from new angles, and for others it is a form of occult and terrifying magic, whose mere mention of the word “command” causes headaches.

In partnership with, we were able to develop a series of articles aimed at teaching development logic in Minecraft, using the commands offered by the game.


To all those who are tired of the many tutorials already existing: DO NOT FUY! This series will not aim to send you an indigestible list of complex commands by explaining them one by one (that’s too much to remember for our little human heads). We will try to teach you the mechanics and logic behind it. Logic to which, if you add a simple basic knowledge, a curious mind – and a little patience – will allow you to achieve just about everything you can imagine!


We’ll suggest you discover the various major elements of order development at the pace you want. This will be followed by appendices and bonuses for more information, not to mention some practical exercises to help you better understand the concepts mentioned. Be sure to do them quietly, with a rested head with a good beer (or a soda for the youngest) and ambient music: your learning will seem softer and more enjoyable.

Organisation du guide

This guide will be applied a special syntax to command patterns, for example:

/setblock <position> <type> </position>[blockState][NBT] [replace|keep|destroy]

Note: Everything that follows the first word of the command (here “setblock”) is called “parameters”.

Here is an explanation of the syntax used:

  • <…> mandatory setting</…>
  • […] Optional setting

[…|…] or <…|…> setting to choose from the different items specified, the bold element being the default item if the setting is optional.</…|…>

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Staff de Minecraft-France


We warmly thank the Minecraft-France team for spending time rereading and correcting the articles, and we especially thank Too-Muhtsh for the illustrations.

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