Factory 4.0


The aim was to create an educational map for the University of Poitiers. Since last year, two maps of the same kind have been created, focusing on source management and critical thinking, the first on meditation and the second on video games. These sociology maps have served as an educational basis in progress but also on student fairs to give an overview of the course to potential students.
This new, more technical project aimed to show the operation of a state-of-the-art plant, with all the systems linked to each other. Unlike previous projects this one was therefore centered around gameplay and mechanics rather than construction.

The player discovers a fully functional factory that he will have to monitor. Problems of various kinds will arise during his night of work and he will have to try to solve them to ensure the proper operation of the plant, even in the middle of the night, when no employees are on site.


Project manager:

  • Bill Silverlight


  • Aka_Dewi
  • Oricale


  • Daminator
  • Ultimatech


  • theogiraudet/Oromis
  • “RedCoal”
  • Leirof


  • Kristalyze
  • KubbyDev
  • Bill Silverlight
  • Aka_dewi
  • Oriacle
  • “RedCoal”
  • Leirof


Access to the project

The project was the first professional project supported by our community and was therefore not open to all. It was created for the University of Poitiers and is therefore not free to download. However, you can join the Discord of the LanguageCraft team that manages this project:

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