Particle WHO ARE WE?

Gunivers is a non-profit association designed to create original and interesting content on games such as Minecraft. To do this, we focus on three aspects:

  • Creating events to bring the community together during highlights and create bonds between members!
  • Helping the creators to carry out their projects through logistical assistance and special access to the community!
  • Streaming entertainment, providing a suitable space for all games and regularly providing game servers, even games directly!

Event part

We sincerely believe that games can be much more than just entertainment. With a little imagination, it can be a means of raising awareness on important issues, an interactive and captivating learning medium, and a place for all kinds of encounters! Our goal here is to encourage these different ways of seeing games, without ever forgetting that the main goal is to have a good time!

Incubation part

We believe that creative work of any kind requires communication, thinking, adaptation and other skills required in any project in the world. Thus, our goal is to bring together creators to enable them to undertake ambitious projects, to develop a range of skills and to build a reputation, thus creating assets even in the professional world!

Entertainment part

Because we don't want to forget to have fun, we provide a space where you can find game partners, whoever they may be. We also regularly provide game servers so that we can create unique gaming experiences! We also offer the possibility for our members to create groups in order to bring together people who share a common interest!

Gunivers in digits

Last update: 19/04/2020


Published projects

  • 8 maps (minecraft)
  • 5 tools for mapmakers (minecraft)
  • 1 discord bot
  • 1 article series: Mapmaking Guide


  • DataWorld
  • Inovaperf

Average views per project

  • 2 to 4 projects completed per year
  • 3 to 4 major events per year

Current projects

  • 2 maps (minecraft)
  • 1 server (minecraft)
  • 2 tools for mapmaker (minecraft)
  • 1 discord bot

Affiliated teams

  • BuildMyWorld
  • Endorah



  • 4 web services
  • Multiple game servers
  • 1 Discord bot



  • 61 developers (Java, Python, JS etc…)
  • 30 graphic designers
  • 25 modelers (minecraft)
  • 42 developers in command-block (minecraft)
  • 74 builders (minecraft)
  • 40 decorators (minecraft)
  • 36 terra-trainers
  • 30 screenwriters
  • 40 editors
  • 21 community managers
  • 32 translators
  • 25 musicians
  • 22 voice doubles
  • 3 video editors
  • 25 youtubers
  • 66 testers

A member may have multiple roles

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