Creative Olympics 2020

This event is over. With the participation of more than 40 players and almost 400 spectators, we collected more than 350 euros in donations for Greenpeace and created no less than 17 maps, resource-packs, constructions and datapacks in a single week!

A second iteration of the Creative Olympics is already in preparation. No date available at this time.


Creative Olympics is a charity event based on the game Minecraft, and aimed to succeed the famous MineAthon. The aim is to have several teams from different countries compete in areas such as construction, datapack creation, resource-pack and even PvP (to spice up the event). Each game will be broadcast on Twitch and spectators will have the opportunity to make donations to the association of their choice in order to be part of the jury and have access to servers offering various activities.

You are on the old event presentation page. An official website is now available, gathering the latest information about the event:

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