Inovaperf is a French host offering game servers, WEB servers and VPS with one of the best value on the market.

What is the partnership?

  • We offer them additional visibility
  • They occasionally provide us with servers for our events

Plus, you can get a 20% discount on your first month with the GUNIVERS code!



Minecraft-France is one of the largest French-language news sites linked to the game Minecraft. At the rate of 2 articles per day, you will be able to follow all the new development, both in terms of the development of the game and the community.

What is this partnership?

  • We provide technical advice and original articles
  • They make it easier for us to publish articles is a community with 4 Minecraft servers that are permanently open. The objective is to gather players around the basic game, without mods, without datapack or other superficial elements, in short, a second breath for a game that contains a lot of basic mechanics that are sometimes forgotten.

What is the partnership?

  • Helping out when organising events



Dataworld is a community of French-speaking datapackers. Their goal is to create a help space specializing in datapacks. They also propose to follow up on his project to create a datapack via a dedicated trade show.

What is this partnership?

  • Mainly in an exchange of members. As our communities are very close, we refer members to one or the other depending on what they are looking for. is a set of servers, offering a freebuild servers containing an economical system, and a modded server using the SkyOddyssey modpack (available on TechnicLauncher).

The aim of this partnership is to:

  • This partnership will essentially allow, on both sides, to benefit from a greater visibility for all projects and events, or more simply to redirect members to one or the other of the servers according to what they are looking for.



Curiosity is a French-speaking Discord with the aim of simply making the curious speak. You will discover different fairs on different topics, be they scientific, political, economic or other. Discord also has a status system (curious, student, reference) that allows you to know where to answer a question, as well as rules for constructive debate.

The aim of this partnership is to:

  • Complete a shortfall. Indeed the creators of Curiosity are the same as those of Gunivers, but Gunivers is very unsuitable for conversations and debates around serious and sometimes technical topics unrelated to the games.


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