mTx Serv is a French hosting company offering game servers, WEB servers as well as VPS equipped with the latest technologies to have the best possible performance.

What does the partnership consist of?

  • We offer them an additional visibility
  • They equip us with machines so that we can realize our projects


Minecraft.Fr is the biggest French-speaking news site related to the game Minecraft. With daily articles, you will be able to follow all the news about the game development and the community.

What does this partnership consist of?

  • We provide them with technical advice and original articles
  • They make it easy for us to publish articles
  • We work on projects with their team is a community with 4 Minecraft servers that are permanently open. The objective is to gather players around the basic game, without mods, without datapack or other superficial elements, in short, a second breath for a game that contains a lot of basic mechanics that are sometimes forgotten.

Purpose of the partnership:

  • Helping out when organising events



Dataworld is a community of French-speaking datapackers. Their goal is to create a help space specializing in datapacks. They also propose to follow up on his project to create a datapack via a dedicated trade show.

Purpose of the partnership:

  • Mainly in an exchange of members. As our communities are very close, we refer members to one or the other depending on what they are looking for. is a set of servers, offering a freebuild servers containing an economical system, and a modded server using the SkyOddyssey modpack (available on TechnicLauncher).

The aim of this partnership is to:

  • This partnership will essentially allow, on both sides, to benefit from a greater visibility for all projects and events, or more simply to redirect members to one or the other of the servers according to what they are looking for.


The Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is a digital newspaper that covers various news based on Minecraft. You’ll find details about new versions of the game as well as attractive and insightful content, all in a very hard-working and enjoyable magazine.

Objective of this partnership:

  • To pool certain resources, particularly in terms of communication: mutual relay of information on projects, events and announcements.


BuildMyWorld is a team of talented builders aiming to create a medieval map, all with one important constraint: put each block one by one! No tools such as Voxel Sniper or the famous World Edit. Here, only creativity and patience with an immense attention to detail! BuildMyWorld is also regularly organized events, inviting the community to participate in construction sessions, as well as time-lapse videos showing the progress of the different building sites.

Objective of this partnership:

  • Help each other on our different projects


Evol Originel

Evol Originel is a short and feature film making team based on Minecraft.

Objective of this partnership:

  • Collaborate on various projects around Minecraft.
  • Share some resources, especially in terms of communication: mutual relay of information on projects, events and announcements.


Crafty logo


Crafty is a Discord bot as well as a website entirely focused on Minecraft! Their goal is to assist all players at any time, whether it’s via the Discord bot with Minecraft server tracking, rendering player skins, displaying your Hypixel stats, quizzes and random facts, but also on the website with lists of players, servers and skins, searching for soon-to-be-expired nicknames, as well as some articles about the game.

Objectives of this partnership:

  • To enlarge our international dimension and their French speaking part
  • Mutual help on our international events


Le site de Gunivers fait peau neuve ! Plus moderne, plus rapide et plus simple !