Scaffolding Rush


Scaffolding Rush is a Minecraft map based on scaffolding and its destruction mechanics. Each team must use the scaffolding to get away from the lava ground that is inexorably approaching, while trying to take down their enemies either by destroying their scaffolding or by pushing them directly into the lava, then killing the villagers of the enemy team, villagers who play the reappearance points. To win, each team will have to eliminate the opposing villagers and then eliminate each of the opponents. And unlike other rushes, no need to bother managing resources or waiting 10 minutes to get a few blocks, you appear with a kit containing everything you need.

Project leader: Loumardes
Concept of:
Tyoe: Minigame, PvP
Players: at least 2 players
Play time: ~10 minutes per game



  • Loumardes: Project lead, Dev
  • Leirof: Concept
  • Theaustudio: Dev
  • Laizo: Dev
  • TretinV3: Dev
  • KaliTheKitsune: Dev



Installation instructions:

  • This map must be installed on a server (multiplayer only)
  • Make sure to enable command-blocks in the file
  • Make sure to enable pvp in the file

I don’t have a server, how do I play it?

You can get a Minecraft server from our partner by clicking here. You can also play on our server at To do so, you will need to have the role of contributor in our community, which is obtained through your participation in projects or by making a donation on our Utip page.

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