Inspired by MOBA-type games, Hierarchy will make you rediscover Minecraft’s PvP by offering you a wide variety of kits (called elementals) and skills.
No more fights where the one who hits the fastest wins. From now on, you will have to manage your skills, your mana while taking into account the position and power of your enemies. The group strategy will therefore become your best asset in this map where no basic rules of the game apply.

Unlimited possibilities!

#24 heroes

You will have access to 5 different game modes, varying strategies, as well as 4 places also very different from each other, forcing you to change the way you play. Finally, you’ll have 4 specializations containing 6 heroes each! Enough to find your happiness in it. The hardest part will be making your choice!
So forget our friends try-harders, because here, no rules of conventional PvP apply. Only the law of the strongest and the smartest will define the hierarchy!

User friendly

#just aim

Indeed, it is a fairly new combat mechanic in which dozens or even hundreds of factors are constantly taken into account! Add to this the wide variety of elementals, game modes and places, in short, enough to turn your head …. But don’t worry! The use of the map is simplified for a better gaming experience. You’ll just have to aim … and shoot!
And since superpower is always hard to master at first, a training room will also be available for you to understand your skills. Isn’t that nice?

Amazing landscapes


PvP maps are too often accompanied by a simple décor is worked just right … but this time we said NO. What better way to bring together the beauty of minecraft constructions with the pleasure of a good big family fight?
But… why always be so serious? Come on, just for you, we’ve added some delirious elements hidden all over the place (but, very well hidden). To your keyboards! The hunt for easter-eggs has begun!

Arenas & Game modes


This peaceful medieval-looking place will prove to be a terrible battlefield in which enemies can emerge from everywhere! Each place has been studied to be accessible more or less quickly, which will allow you to play ninjas by jumping from roof to roof! In this place where the tunes are deceitful, you will quickly learn to trust your instincts more than your vision…

Lore: The exile

After the first Great War, many Heroes, convinced that their power should be kept out of the world, went into exile. They took refuge in the place where two brothers, wealthy heirs, had built two castles long ago, opposed to have fun at war. The Heroes then settled in these two abandoned castles and began to build a city in between. After only a few weeks, this place already looked like a true haven of peace where all the Heroes could find refuge, drink, eat and learn to master their powers without risking harm to anyone. Unfortunately, this utopia was only short-lived because other Heroes, more extremist, came to plunder and kill half of the village in the middle of the night, in a macabre silence. A new great battle then broke out at dawn …


Face off in a huge arena where hiding places are scarce! This scenery will give you a whole new contrast: you will see a huge expanse of sand, but you will feel trapped and cramped between these gigantic walls and the enemy that comes in front of you. Don’t panic, all the places are accessible, so you will always have a loophole, but still must find it .… As you will have understood, do not rely on the simplistic appearances of an arena, because it is full of secret passages of all kinds!

Lore: The balance of all things

While a semblance of peace seemed to settle in the middle of the era of the first Heroes, an arena was built. It allowed some to train and others to fight to the death, face to face, with respect and honor. This was a good solution to keep the Hero tensions between four walls. Some attempts by Hierarchy have even used this arena to select its leaders. The party that won the duel to the death gained superior recognition …


In this small village floating in the air, you will learn to play with every little nooks and cranies and reliefs. Despite its small size, places will prove to be an ordeal for anyone who tries to defend his goals effectively. Indeed here, enemies can arrive from anywhere and it will be very complicated to cover each place. So we will have to develop new blitz strategies because only the speed of play will define the Hierarchy …

Lore: Back to origins

Where it all started, and where it all ended. Ruins is a small village that knew the first Heroes, but also the first great war. To put an end to it and protect what was left of his village, a very powerful wind mage gave his life to lift the land and keep it there, in the clouds, for eternity. It was not until a century later, when the world was in ruins, that a prophecy resurfaced, explaining that the key to finding peace was at the place where the war began. Brave heroes went in search of this village, in search of peace, while others wanted to make disappear forever what was left of the old world …


This supernatural-looking place will be your worst nightmare. Infection is one of the last pearls of land on which there is still life. This means that space is scarce and therefore your enemies are close. Don’t rely too much on hiding or defending a position, here all investments will be turned upside down because no direction is safe. This place is thus ideal for fighting in 1v1 and 2v2, but can be very hectic beyond. The proximity of the objectives will take away the right to error, so be prepared for any eventuality.

Lore: End of times

At the end of time, only the immortals remain, who fight each other again and again. The source of the
powers to gain the upper hand over the elements and infect all life and minerals to transormize the world into a huge skeleton, making it arid and unsuitable for life. The few meheureux who have lived so far still compete for the last arable land, waiting for the end of all things that are fast approaching.


Only one goal: to kill!
Eliminate your enemies before they kill you. Everything is allowed, the fight can only end with the death of one of the two teams. So be careful and have the best ratio possible!
Each elimination gives you a ticket bonus and gives the opposing team a malus


, one goal: kill!
A notable difference with the Confrontation mode: no reappearance will be allowed!Every death is final, so put your life to good use! This game mode is the most competitive mode on the map and requires to know each of the spells of the heroes used.


A flag is present in each base.Your goal will be to pick up the opposing flag and bring it back to your camp, next to your flag. If the latter is not present at your base, you will not be able to validate the flag taking. You will need to develop both an attack and defense strategy!
Beware, the flag bearer is forbidden to travel faster. It is also slowed down, and visible to all players, even through the walls.
Think twice before taking the opposing flag!
Each flag capture gives you a ticket bonus and gives a malus to the opposing team


Everyus base has a Bulk (sort of vortex) held inactive by one or more Generators (or Inhibitors for pro-MOBA), themselves protected by several Protection Towers. The objective, make your way through these ramparts to cross the opposing Bulk.
The towers as well as the generators are by default harmless, that’s when opposing players can damage it by staying in its area of action. On the other hand, as soon as an allied player places himself below the tower (or generator), the tower activates and deals heavy damage every 2 seconds to the nearest enemy in the action zone. In addition, when the tower is active, it cannot be damaged.
Generators have the particularity of slowly regenerating their health when they are damaged, and returning to life (with minimal health) when an enemy crosses the Bulk.
Every turn, inhibitor and jump in the Bulk gives you a ticket bonus and gives a malus to the opposing teamBepiciously


a good game is nothing without a little “WTF?!We decided to add this mode which is not a mode … WTF?! (that’s why it’s not counted in the 3 modes)
When selected, it will randomly launch a game mode to say the least … Strange. The objective may be that of a confrontation, an emblem taking or a conquest depending on what will be displayed right in the screen during the game.
Among these modes, you will find:

  • I believe you can fly
    • Map: Ruins
    • Fashion: Emblem-taking
    • Everyone in Wind Mage
    • Unlimited Mana
    • No regeneration spell
    • Fashion: Deathmatch
    • Everyone in Fire Mage
    • Unlimited Mana
  • Big muscle but little heart
    • Fashion: Confrontation
    • Everyone in Guardian, the specialization of the hero corresponds to that chosen by the player
    • When a warrior is struck by an axe, he dies instantly (or loses a huge part of his life)
  • One in the chamber
    • Fashion: Deathmatch
    • Everyone as Summoner Hunter
    • The bow has a tenfold power
  • More love, less war
    • Fashion: Emblem-taking
    • Everyone in Assassin, the specialization of the hero corresponds to that chosen by the player
    • All negative spell effects are undone or reversed (including damage). So you can heal your enemies and then give them big kisses <3. Only the sword can inflict damage.
  • Winter is coming!
    • Fashion: Emblem-taking
    • Orange team sees fire heroes assigned while blue team is awarded ice heroes
  • Who am I?
    • Map: Arena
    • Fashion: Deathmatch
    • With each kill, all players become a different (random) hero
  • Where the hell am I?!
    • Fashion: Deathmatch
    • With each kill, players are randomly teleported to the map and teams are remixed
    • There is a small chance that the teleportation will take you on another map… space-time travel is always complicated…


The Mages have a lot of zone skills, which can be decisive in a scrum. They are certainly very effective in support, but become vulnerable face to face, especially in close combat.
Passive: When a mage suffers damage, his skill reload times are reduced by 0.5 seconds and he earns a few Mana points. In addition, are basic attack is not affected by the return of damage from some enemies.

Time Master

The mage of time is formidable, mainly for its durability and its ability to move quickly. He’s good at attacking by surprise, and disappearing immediately.



Il créer et lance un champ paradoxale traversant les murs infligeant des dégâts aux ennemis touchés.


Provoque plusieurs failles de l’espace-temps pour se téléporter où il désir. Les ennemis à proximité n’étant aspiré que partiellement dans ces failles, ils subissent des dommages se retrouvent téléportés aléatoirement dans un rayon de 5 blocs autour d’eux, sur la structure la plus haute.


Retourne 5 secondes dans son passé, le ramenant à sa précédente position. Lorsqu’il utilise cette compétence, une grande partie de sa vie et de sa mana est régénérée, et les temps de recharge de ses deux premières compétences sont annulés.


The Mage of Fire is an excellent distance fighter. It has main skills with very low recharging times, which allows it to attack continuously.


Fire Spirit

Il se transforme en traînée de feu, augmentant sa vitesse de déplacement et lui procurant un léger bouclier.


Créer et lance une boule qui s’enflamme et explose au premier obstacle qu’il rencontre.


Lance jusqu’à 20 boules de feu en l’air qu’il y a d’ennemi. Une fois à leur hauteur maximale, les boules de feu entameront une trajectoire visant tous les 10 ennemis les plus proches, et exploseront au premier obstacle rencontré.


The lightning mage is quite special. It has a passive of its own to some lightning elementals. Despite the great subtlety of his skills, are role, he is much less: run like a brute and inflict maximum damage.
Special Passive: When he hits an enemy during one of his skills, he receives a mark, remaining 15 sec. The brand is contagious on members of the same team. When a bearer of this brand contaminates an ally, the duration of his brand is reset.


Electrical Speed

Se met spontanément à courir aussi vite que l’éclaire, enracinant les ennemis proches et leur laissant la marque.


Il foudroie les ennemis portant la marque de son passif, et lance un nuage électrique rebondissant sur les murs et donnant la marque aux ennemis touchés.


Créer une tempête autour de lui dans laquelle les ennemis sont foudroyés toutes les secondes pendant 5 secondes. De plus, les ennemis présents dans la zone se voyent interdit de leur compétence de téléportation et reçoivent la marque.


The ice mage is ideal for slowing down or stopping the enemy’s progress thanks to its slowing and rooting spells. It can also deal a lot of damage but it is very slow, and must stay close to its target to reach it, which very often puts it in danger.


Water Regeneration

Se liquéfie en une fine pellicule d’eau assez légère pour voler et gagne en résistance et en régénération. Cet effet dure 10 secondes, pendant lequel il peut se déplacer où il souhaite, mais très lentement. Il peut toute fois avorter à cet effet à tout moment. A la fin de cette compétence, il noie les ennemis proches, leur infligent des dégâts.


Il refroidit brutalement la zone autour de lui, infligeant des dégâts aux ennemis proches. Pendant 5 secondes, tous les ennemis proche son grandement ralentis.

Winter Blast

Créer un vent d’air froid devant lui infligeant des dégâts aux ennemis proches et les enracinant. Lorsque ce courant d’aire glaciale frappe une surface, elle s’immobilise et donne alors un poison et un ralentissement aux ennemis.

Wind Howler

The mage of the wind, like all other elementals of the wind, allows the enemy to be effectively mastered. Indeed, he can, thanks to his control skills, block enemies, change their trajectory, or disperse them everywhere. As you will have understood, he applies the “divide and rule” strategy. It is also the only mage that can compete against an enemy face to face, as it can easily keep it at bay while dealing damage.



Créer des courants d’air très rapide, propulsant les ennemis en l’air et se propulsant où il souhaite. Les ennemis reçoivent ensuite des dégâts de chute.

Wind Care

Utilise le vent pour soulager ses blessures ainsi que celles des alliés proches.


Créer une tornade devant lui infligeant de légers dommages, et emportant les ennemis à proximité jusque au bout de celle-ci. Les alliés proche gagnent quand à eux une vitesse de déplacement supplémentaire, ainsi qu’une capacité de saut amélioré.


The summoning mage allows an almost infallible zone defense. Moreover, thanks to his invocations, he is rarely alone, which makes him largely autonomous.


Archer Army

Invoque quatre squelettes archers à proximité attaquant les ennemis à distance.

Vital Energy Zone

Créer une zone d’énergie vitale, donnant un poison et un ralentissement au ennemis se trouvant dans la zone et offre une protections aux alliés. De plus, les ennemis se trouvant dans la zone se voient interdit de leur compétence améliorant leur vitesse de déplacement.

Fountain of Youth

Utilise l’énergie vitale pour aveugler, enraciner et infliger des dommages aux ennemis proches. Les alliés à proximité sont reçoivent quant à eux des soins.

Assassins are particularly effective at quickly attacking a target, and weakening it to see it kill just as quickly. They have to be unpredictable because they don’t have a lot of life. They can also climb the walls and climb just about anything.
Passive: Assassins have a drain of life. Otherwise, when they hit a player, they steal part of the life inflicted, and can therefore regain up to 3 health points every 1.5 seconds. Moreover, the assassins are the only ones, along with the guards, not to be slowed down in the jungles and can climb the walls.

Time Master

The murderer of time is the very definition of the term “murderer.” No one knows where he is, until he hits, then reappears very quickly.


Phase Shift

Se déphase d’une seconde avec la réalité, le rendant invisible et améliorant sa vitesse de déplacement. Au moment ou il frappe un ennemi, il est obligé de se rephaser, ce qui le rend de nouveau visible.

Temporal Energy

Puise l’énergie de sa jeunesse pour l’utiliser contre les ennemis. Il gagne donc en puissance pendant une durée de 8 secondes. Cette compétence lui permet également de rester hors phase durant son attaque.

Temporal Line

Il fait 5 bonds dans la ligne temporel des ennemis proche, leur infligeant ainsi des dégâts et restant sur le dernier ennemi touché. Si il n’y a qu’un seul ennemi à proximité, les dégâts sont alors doublés.


The fire killer is horrible for those who don’t like the damage over time. Indeed, thanks to his skills to ignite his enemies in two different ways, he can remain only for a brief moment next to the enemy, while dealing damage over a long period of time.


Flamming Touch

Enflamme sa hache, provoquant ainsi beaucoup plus de dégâts.


Se déplace rapidement et brièvement en laissant une traînée de feu derrière lui. Cette accélération a pour effet d’apeurer les ennemis proches.


Créer une zone brûlant les ennemis, ainsi que deux traînées de feu qui vont elles aussi brûler les ennemis. Durant cette période, il se transforme lui même en traînée de feu, et se confond avec les deux autres.


Lightning killers are particularly effective at catching and trapping their prey. It is formidable in 1v1, but are ultimate become less effective when several enemies attack it.


Thunder Bolt

Fait tomber la foudre proche de lui, infligeant des dégâts aux ennemis proches et donnant une invulnérabilité de 2 sec aux alliés proche.


Lance un nuage électromagnétique attirant les ennemis touchés vers lui.


Se lie avec les charges electriques des anemis proches afin de les maintenir auprès de lui. Sa puissance est alors décuplé et si un ennemi essayes de s’enfuir, il se re-téléporte automatiquement à proximité de l’assassin.


The ice assassin allows both zone control, but also slows down the progress of enemies.



Devient transparent comme de l’eau pur pendant 5 secondes et se propulse où il veut. Pendant son invisibilité, il gagne en vitesse de déplacement.

Winter Silence

Gèle les ennemis proche, leur infligeant des dommages et les empêchant d’utiliser leurs sorts pendant 3 secondes.


Créer une zone de froid relentissant les ennemis et leur infligeant des dommages continus pendant 3,5 secondes. A la fin de ce temps, cette zone se réchauffe rapidement infligeant des dommages supplémentaire enracinant les ennemis encore présents dans la zone. Si une boule de feu passe à proximité du cœur de cette zone, cette dernière explose instantanément.

Wind Howler

The wind killer is very useful in ending a fight. It has the ability to move quickly, to control enemies, making it very effective in teamfight. [edgtf_ico


Wind Assistance

S’aide du vent pour augmenter sa vitesse de déplacement et sa capacité de saut pendant 7 secondes.


Perturbe le vent autour de lui, infligeant des dommages et effrayant les ennemis proche.

n_with_text type “icon-top” icon_pack”dripicons” dripicon””title_tag”” custom_icon”2933″ title”Cyclone” custom_
icon_size”100px” shape_size”100px” text”Create a cyclone in which enemies within a radius of 15 blocks and itself are sucked in and randomly scattered on the map. Enemies hit suffer fall damage.”] The summoni

ng assassin is, to say the least, very dangerous. It is fast and is often accompanied by its vivid and deadly creatures, which makes it autonomous. Perfect to deter your enemies from attacking.



Transforme lui et ses alliés proche en un nuage de chauves souris et se téléporte en étant invisible pendant 3 secondes.

Necro Guards

Invoque deux gardes squelette ayant une grande vitesse de déplacement, une bonne résistance, et infligent beaucoup de dommages au corps à corps.

Night Scare

Saute puis plane dans les airs. A l’instant ou il touche le sol, il terrorise les ennemis en leur infligeant des dégâts. Les ennemis ayant moins de 16 points de vie sont exécutés (peu importe leur protections)

The Hunters have the peculiarity of attacking from afar only with their basic attack. The latter also deals heavy damage making it the main weapon of this class.
Passive: When a Hunter hits an enemy with its base attack, an arrow remains on the enemy for 5 minutes (or until death), preventing it from becoming completely invisible. Hunters also have a double jump that allows them to reach heights very easily.

Time Master


Time Law

Position ARCHER: Inflige de légers dégâts et prolonge de 2 secondes le temps des effets de ralentissement et d’enracinement des ennemis proches. Si ces ennemis n’ont pas d’effets de ralentissement ou d’enracinement, il sont alors légèrement ralenti pendant 2 secondes. Position ASSASSIN: Inflige de lourds dégâts aux ennemis proches.


Position ARCHER: Le lanceur se téléporte à l’endroit visé. Position ASSASSIN: Tous les ennemis visés par le joueurs sont téléportés sur lui et se voient enraciné pendant 2 secondes.


Ce chasseur peut changer d’état, il peut donc être un archer, disposant alors d’un arc, ou bien il peut être un assassin, bénéficiant alors d’une hache. Il dispose bien entendu du passif correspondant à son état.




Marque l’ennemi le plus proche. Celui-ci est alors visible par tous pendant 5 secondes. Si il meurt durant cette période, ltout les archers du feu appartenant à l’équipe du lanceur récupèrent alors 50% de leur vie.

Flamming Arrow

Le lanceur enflamme les flèches qu’il tire pendant 5 secondes.

Atmospheric Heat

Le lanceur tire 5 flèches au ciel qui retomberont à l’endroit désigné au préalable. Au moment de l’impact, ces flèches créeront une zone brûlante, enflammant au passage tout les ennemis à proximité.



Electric Charge

Électrifie son arc pour donner plus de puissance à ses flèches, et ainsi infliger plus de dégâts pendant 3 secondes.


Il fait tomber la foudre à l’endroit visé. Les ennemis touchés subiront alors des dégâts et recevront alors la même marque que celle du Mage Thunder.

Under Voltage

Accélère et atteint très rapidement la vitesse de l’éclaire qu’il pourra conserver pendant 3 secondes. Si un joueur portant le marque se trouve à proximité de lui, alors un éclair tombera sur celui-ci.




Tout comme le chasseur du temps, celui-ci détient 2 états (ou position). Dans sa position initiale (archer), il dispose d’un arc, tandis que dans l’autre (guerrier) il dispose d’une épée. Lorsqu’il passe en mode ARCHER, ses 3 premières flèches seront dotés d’un effet de ralentissement. A contrario, lorsqu’il se trouve en position GUERRIER, il dispose d’une protection permanente de 20%. Lorsqu’il change d’état, le cooldown de sa deuxième capacité est annulé.

Frozen Path

Créer un chemin givré devant lui, permettant au alliés et à lui-même de se déplacer plus vite sur celui-ci. Les ennemis sont quand à eux ralentis et reçoivent un poison.

Cold Breath

Créer un vent gelé autour de tout les alliés, enracinant et infligeant des dommages à tous les ennemis se trouvant à proximité de ceux-ci.

Wind Howler



Améliore sont arc de façon a ce que les flèches tirées entraînent le vent, poussant ainsi les ennemis touché sur une grande distance.


Fait s’envoler et réduit au silence les ennemis proches puis les laisse retomber pour qu’ils subissent les dégâts de chute.


S’envole, se stabilise puis tire 3 flèches explosives a longue portée. Pendant la durée de cet ultime, la chasseur du vent est invulnérable.


The summoning mage allows an almost infallible zone defense. Moreover, thanks to his invocations, he is rarely alone, which makes him largely autonomous.



Inflige des dommages aux ennemis proches puis s’envole et plane dans les airs.

Shadow Silence

Aveugle, enracine et réduit au silence les ennemis dont il est la dernière personne à leur avoir infligé des dégâts.

!”] The gardians are defenders of nature. They have a higher resistance than other classes and allow to rush headlong into enemy ranks. They also have spells to help allies advance, and a shield to take the majority of blows.
Passive: When a gardian sees his life fall below 40pv, he gets a resistance of 20%. When his life drops to 20pv, his resistance increases to 40%. This resistance is not cumulative with the effects of spells and/or potions

Time Master


Temporal Shield

Déforme localement le temps devant lui pour que chaque projectile qui passe à travers cette déformation vieillisse et se décompose instantanément.


Créer un trou de ver lui permettant de se téléporter et lui octroyant 40% de protection pendant 5 secondes


Concentre les particules pour créer une petite singularité contrôlée. Cette dernière ralentit et donne un poison aux ennemis proches. Les alliés quant à eux reçoivent 40% de protection. Cette singularité dure 7 secondes. Pendant ce temps, le gardian du temps doit rester concentré pour maitriser son sort et ne peut donc pas bouger ni utiliser d’autres compétences. Si il meurt, la singularité disparaît aussitôt.




Disparaît dans une combustion instantanée puis réapparait dans un autre aura de feu. Lors de sa réapparition, les ennemis proches reçoivent des brûlures.

Warm Blessing

Créer une sphère de courants de chaleur brulant tous les projectiles qui la traverse.

Flame Thrower

Charge jusqu’à 3 jets de feu enflammant brusquement la zone visée. Les ennemis présents dans les zones enflammées sont brulés. Les ennemis se trouvent sur le point d’impact au moment de ce dit impact reçoivent de dégâts légers et sont ralentis.



Magnetic Zone

Créer un champ électromagnétique détruisant tous les projectiles ennemis et les empêchant de se téléporter ou de se déplacer plus vite dans cette zone. Les alliés reçoivent quant à eux une protection de 40%.

Tesla Transportation

Transforme la matière qui le compose en énergie pure et se recompose à l’endroit qu’il souhaite. Les ennemis à proximité du point de départ ainsi que du point d’arrivée reçoivent alors des dégâts.


Au fur et à mesure qu’il progresse, il charge en électricité l’air et le sol qu’il touche. Lorsqu’il utilise cette compétences, ces zones sont ciblées par 3 éclaires tombant à 1 seconde d’intervalle.




Créer et lance une boule glacée explosant au premier obstacle rencontré. A l’impact, cette boule explose, infligeant des dégâts et enracinant les ennemis proches et créant une zone de régénération pendant 3 secondes aux alliés.

Winter Sleep

S’enveloppe de glace pendant 5 secondes le rendant invulnérable et lui régénérant sa vie (ne peut ni bouger ni lancer de sorts), et offre 20% de protections aux alliés dans un rayon de 15 blocs.


Pendant 7 secondes, il ralentit tous les ennemis proches et leur inflige des dégâts à chaque fois que lui en reçoit. Si il meurt en utilisant cette compétence, les alliés proches reçoivent un bonus de soins.

Wind Howler


Desert Breath

Créer un vent chargé en sable traversant les murs, effrayant les ennemis touchés, les aveuglant et leur infligeant des dégâts.

Air Crushion

Accumule de l’aire proche de lui, soignant les alliés proches (mais pas lui), puis prend appuie sur l’aire condensé pour accélérer brutalement. Tous les ennemis qu’il percute reçoivent des dégâts et sont entrainés avec lui dans son sprint.

Angel Jumping

Fait un bon en l’air, aidé par le vent puis retombe en créant une onde de choc. Les ennemis à proximité du point d’impact reçoivent de léger dégâts et sont apeurés et privés de sort pendant 2 secondes.



You have th


Créer une zone aveuglant les ennemis et donnant un bonus de vitesse aux alliés. juste après avoir créé la zone, il se téléporte sur l’ennemi le plus proche (présent dans la zone), l’effrayant et lui infligeant des dégâts.


Fait apparaître 4 chevaux de la mort permettant à lui et ses alliés de se déplacer plus vite. Lorsqu’il est sur son cheval, sont arme de base fait légèrement moins de dégâts mais sont temps de recharge est réduit à 0 seconde.

Lot of features!


The option of “Back” in the middle of the game. This allows you to regenerate your life and mana instantly and gives you 5 seconds of invulnerability. To do this, you will have to throw the book in the last box of the inventory and not move until you are teleported.

Fast messages

You can quickly notify your allies of your situation and/or strategize with the quick messages in the book. When you open it, click “Messages” and select the message you want to send. Be careful, sending a quick message to your team makes you visible to all for 1 second!

Potion shop

Always thanks to the book, you can buy potions. These require Corners. Every second, you get a number of Coins equivalent to your victim-to-death ratio (if your ratio is below 1, you’ll still earn 1 Coins per second). You can see how many Corners you have by holding the book.

  • Common:
    • Potion of Regeneration: Slow regeneration of health points
    • Potion of Speed: Increase your travel speed
    • Potion of Resistance: Increased resistance to damage
    • Potion of Mana: Accelerating your mana regeneration
  • Uncommon:
    • Potion of Power: Briefly increases your power. You’re celebrating a lot more damage on melee attacks
    • Potion of Invisibility: Makes you invisible for a brief moment, allowing you to quickly attack an enemy or flee
    • Potion of Invulnerability: Makes You Briefly Invulnerable
    • Potion of Heal: Instantly regenerates a part of your life
  • Rare
    • Legendary Potion: All the effects of common potions combined
    • Divine Potion: Potion of Invulnerability and Potion of Heal reunited
    • Darkness Potion: Potion of Power and Potion of Invisibility reunited
    • Ultimate Potion: All “Uncommon” and “Common” potions combined!

Jungles are discrete paths between the main paths (called lanes). The latter recognize themselves thanks to the presence of soulsand. Venting on these paths makes you invisible, as long as no enemy is nearby. In addition, these paths slow down all players except assassins. It is therefore not advisable to use them as a means of escape from the latter.

Access everywhere

Hierarchy maps are designed so that a player with no travel skills can still access a high/hard-to-reach location. Just look at how 😉It is po


Possible to shorten a game by declaring forfeiture. To do this, go to the book, then click “Surrend,” simply. Each member of the team will then have to agree to surrender. Similarly, if all players on the same team log out, the game will consider that the team has declared forfeiture.


Unnecessary, therefore indispensable. You will be able to find/unlock hats that will accompany you even during your games. A good way to differentiate yourself and show your dark/girly/trump/geek/disco side etc… 😉




We especially thank the HexionTM team (now Erisium) for their participation in the construction of the arena map.

We also thank the Oxisius community and the Minecraft-france website for their communication and testing assistance in the development of the project.

Project manager













The HexionTM team







Resource Pack


The Ordyhor


















Trailer: LeiRoF

Music: Ghostwriter – Alone In Berlin

Main article: LeiRoF

Article Minecraft-France.fr: SkyWebz

Article Minecraft.fr: ClemW

Other downloads
Admin commands
  • Reset the map:
    • /scoreboard players reset
  • Stop the current game:
    • /scoreboard players tag @a add Surrend
  • Change the number of tickets:
    • /scoreboard players set -[type=Villager(,name=Blue/Orange)] Score X
    • Replace X with the number of tickets you want.
  • Set a kit to the player:
    • /scoreboard players set @target Class X
    • Replace with the kit ID. The IDs follow the following logic:
      • The classes are represented by the number of tens. Mages: 0, Assassins: 1, Hunters: 2, Guardians: 3
      • The kits are represented by the number of units. Time Master: 1, Burner: 2, Thunder: 3, Freezer: 4, Wind Howler: 5, Invoker: 6
      • Ex: Thunder Assassin: 13
  • Join a player in the current game:
    • /tag @target add Join

Gamerules are usually set with the map, but sometimes they are reset. In this case, they must be reissued like this:

  • commandBlockOutput false
  • disableElytraMovementCheck true
  • DoEntityDrops false
  • false doFireTick
  • doMobLoot false
  • doMobSpawning false
  • DoTileDrops false
  • doWeatherCycle false
  • keepInventory false
  • logAdminCommands false
  • mobGriefing false
  • false naturalRegeneration
  • randomTickSpeed 0
  • sendCommandFeedback false
  • showDeathMessage false
  • spectatorsGenerateChunks false

Leaving the other gamerules in their orig


inal stateHere is the server.properties file we used for map development. If you have a problem, we recommend you replace your file with this one:

#Minecraft server properties
#Sun Sep 29 15:04:50 CEST 2019
spawn-protection 16
op-permission-level 4
max-players 20
view-distance 5
motd's A7b-00A7l 'A7b's A00A7n H I E R R A R C H Y '00A77 by 'A00A76Gunivers'
- Added: New kits: Guadian!
- Added: New place: Ruins!
- Added: Add moths! These creatures appear randomly on the map and give 10 Corners when a player crushes them
- Added: Added endurance, allowing the player to sprint
- Added: Added an information bar showing life, mana, corners, endurance and recharge time
- Added: Added a first conexion animation
- Added: You can forfeit!
- Addition: When all the players on a team leave the game, it comes down to forfeiting
- Added: Possibility to leave viewer mode (place your viewfinder up for 5 seconds)
- Added: A list of admin commands has been placed at the bottom of the article on our site. When a player switches to gamemode 1, this information is indicated to him.
- Added: Hunters now have a one in 10 chance of highlighting their target with their bow
- Added: Ability to change preset (game mode/map combination) randomly
- Change: Improved training room
- Change: The cooldown display now takes over the state of the spell (so it works when the mana is insufficient or when the spell is blocked by another spell)
- Change: The carry of vision in the jungle has been reduced to 5 blocks (compared to 10 previously)
- Modification: The jungle no longer reduces the speed of movement of players and now gives a speed bonus to assassins
- Change: Corner gain has been increased by 1 per second
- Change: The damage of the second spell of the Mage Freezer has been divided by 2
- Modification: The first spell of the Mage Freezer no longer gives it regeneration. When it comes back, it is now invulnerable for the duration of the spell
- Modification: The Magi are no longer slowed down when they use their basic attack (because after all, the others are not either) - complete overhaul of the appearance of the attacks of the Magi
- Modification: When a player subbites a damage, it reveals particles of the same type as the kit of the player who inflicted the damage (If a burner hits a player, that player will let fire particles appear)
- Modification: The mages' passive now allows them to recover mana when they suffer damage
- Modification: The "rare" and "uncommon" potions now have an effect duration of 5 seconds (compared to 3 previously)
- Modification: The "Ultimate Potion" now combines all potion effects including "common"
- Modification: The ultimate Hunter Time Master now makes it invisible for 2 seconds
- Change: From now on, when a game starts, the respawn time will be 10 seconds (minimum time to read the map).
- Change: The respawn time now varies between 5 and 20 seconds depending on the status of the game
- Modification: The spawn is no longer done at a specific point, but randomly on the platform.
- Change: Added sounds when the counter is less than 3 seconds rather notify the player if he is doing anything else - his teleportation at the time of the spawn
- Modification: Refurbished admin panel
- Change: The destruction of a tower now removes tickets from the opposing team
- Modification: The creatures invoked no longer do damage to the towers
- Change: The number of minions has been reduced to 1 minion per player (limited to 10 minions per team)
- Change: Minions now have 4x less life
- Change: When a spell is useless, the player cannot cast it, preventing him from spoiling a spell for nothing
- Change: The training room is now accessible, even when the kit and/or team selection is disabled
- Optimization: All kits have been drastically optimized
- Optimization: Some systems sent logs en masse
- Optimization: Conquest mode has been reviewed and optimized
- Correction: The projectiles using the LGdir were from the player's feet and not from his head
- Correction: The mana was not working properly
- Correction: The Wind and Fire Mages had spells that were not subject to cooldown
- Correction: Some cooldowns were blocking, constantly removing mana from the player
- Correction: The Mage Burner's moving spell was not working for the blue team
- Correction: The book of quick messages and potions is again well formatted!
- Correction: When a player in the jungle passed on a block of soulsand, he became visible
- Correction: The Orbs of the Summonr Warrior did not disappear at the end of the game
- Correction: If the player's ratio was less than 1, the player would no longer win corners.
- Correction: The Ultimate Warrior Burner was not supported by the kill detection system
- Correction: It was possible to bypass the spells of silence by putting the item in the second hand. From now on, the second hand is forbidden except for the shields of the Guadians
- Correction: When several projectiles were present simultaneously on the map, some could suddenly change trajectory
- Correction: When a player clicked on "respawn" after being killed, he reappeared and then became a spectator just after. Untimely, he is put on a spectator at the moment he dies
- Correction: When a player dies, the kill goes to the last player who hit him (not the penultimate as was the case before)
- Correction: The mages' liabilities no longer worked (their liabilities allowed them to reduce their cooldown by 0.5 seconds each time they suffered damage)
- Correction: Endurance was lower when the player was not in the game
- Correction: The management of the dead did not work properly (the score did not increment, the fireworks did not appear blue side and appeared in white orange side etc ...). Everything has been redone, it's now all clean and functional
- Correction: The potions no longer worked
- Correction: Deathmatch scores did not decree after the death of a player
- Correction: Jungles no longer worked
- Correction: The Warrior Freezer's "Winter Sleep" spell was considered a moving spell (so it was blocked when the player was carrying the flag)
- Correction: Teleportation animation was no longer working
- Correction: Death messages were not working properly
- Correction: The book was not given to the players present in the game
- Correction: Spells using raycasting no longer worked
- Correction: Allied spell indicators no longer worked
- Correction: Maps and game mode selections were blocked when spammed
- Correction: The number of dead and kill of the player in the training room were counted in the scores
- Correction: Random teams didn't work
- Correction: The summoning kits invocations lived only 2 seconds instead of 10
- Correction: If a player tried to back and then died, he was teleported to his base during his death
- Correction: The kit selection panel was not working
- Correction: The message for OP players did not always appear
- Correction: When the player was at his base, he did not have the effects of protection, regeneration of life - mana and speed
- Correction: When a player carried the flag in CTF mode, it did not appear on his head
- Correction: When an orange player captured the flag, the message displayed was not the right one
- Correction: The assassin's passive did not work
- Correction: Spectator mode was not working
- Correction: The training room was accessible during a game
- Correction: The fireballs of the mage burner had too low a carry
- Correction: The damage indicator was not working
- Correction: Speed effects were not working
- Correction: Conquest mode didn't work
- Correction: Minions were not affected by spells
- Correction: The potion effects were not removed at the beginning of the game
- Correction: When the hunters fired a spectral arrow, it was hit by gravity
- Correction: The sounds of the conquest mide towers were audible from the lobby
- Correction: The death of a player in the training room caused a lot of weird things. Everything has been corrected and handed over to the
- Correction: Spells using elytra did not work
- Correction: Spells flashed as the player moved away from the center of the training room
- Correction: The Thunder mage spells were not working
- Correction: Some settings were not properly booted, causing seemingly random bugs
- Correction: When the player sprinted, the effects of the hats did not work properly
- Correction: Staristics were not working properly
- Correction: The kit selection menu was not working properly

Updated download link

- Change: Lobby improvement
- Change: Improved welcome animation
- Fixed: Players could be considered "ready" without choosing their kit (they then found themselves in part, without kit)
- Fixed: Players considered "ready" did not appear to be highlighted

Update 1.11.x

- Fixed: The ultimate of the killer of the wind did not reach the enemies
- Added: Being on the platform of appearance of his team grants life regeneration, resistance and mana regeneration
- Fixed: It was possible to cross the bulk without destroying an inibiteur in conquest mode on the River map
- Fixed: Being on the same block as a player who had just died caused a massive appearance of messages "HEALED!"
- Fixed: The bulk was inflicting damage on the players who would hit it
- Added a warning message when a player crosses the Bulk in Conquest mode
- Change: Decrease in life regeneration of inhibitors
- Added a message redirecting to Hierarchy's article when selecting kits
- Fixed: mana did not regenerate after being killed
- Added Time Master Warrior and Invoker Warrior
- Modification: Improving the Ultimate Time Master Warrior
- Added an instant kill when the player falls into the void
- Replacing sponge blocks below maps with invisible blocks
- Added "Curse of Binding" enchantment on armor pieces
- Added a preview image of the selected map
- Added a Gunivers painting
- Added a system to detect out-of-sync players
- Fixed: The ultimate of the Burner Mage did not work
- Overhaul of the Ultimate Assassin Thunder
- Added damage effect to towers in Conquest mode
- Added a warning message when a tower/inhibitor is destroyed in Conquest mode
Oops, we did not list the changelog before that date :/

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