The Legend of Nazara is a Minecraft project that has been around for several years, with the concept of creating a full-fledged medieval-fantasy universe where players can travel the different lands in search of Magic Stones…
Intrigue: In the fantasy world of Lithonia, you will play as a sacrificed of the Holy Order, a sur-man dedicated to defending humanity against Nazara and his apostles. This demigod having seen his mother die at the hands of his father, seeks to regain his power and boasts the one who gave birth to him. Each of the two sides thus covets 12 stones from the powers maldine had to abandon to protect humanity. You will then have to associate with other sacrificed like you and use your powers and intelligence to confront enemies who covet or prevent access to stones, solve puzzles and advance in hostile places. Many others have sworn in the Holy Order to defend humanity at all costs by acquiring the ultimate power. Will you be the one who gets there?
Nazara is an up-to-date server that wants to allow players to experience a story in several seasons and explore the nooks and cranies of the world of Lithonia… There will be multiple systems of dungeons, sanctuaries, puzzles, quests, and more! We want to create innovative, immersive gameplay that allows the player to get their own idea of this gigantic world. The project takes time, of course, but it does not stop us: we have the motivation to offer a complete and quality server to our players!
Our teams are diverse, each with its own goal: Construction, Development, Game Design, Graphics… In short, we hope to bring together as many motivated people as possible and integrate as many ideas as possible into Nazara: everyone leaves their mark. If you are interested in the project, we invite you to contact us on our Discord!


  • Type: Minecraft Server
  • Category: MMO-RPG
  • Project Manager: Loyurs

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