Gunderground is a Minecraft Datapack dedicated to improving underground exploration and mining mechanics.


Type: Datapack Minecraft
Project managers: Leirof, Theogiraudet, A-Z and Syl2010


Gunderground changes the mechanics of Minecraft’s subs terrain in several ways:

  • Procedural cave generation (completed)
    • Presence of default modules (completed)
    • The creator can add his own modules to the system (completed)
    • Option to fill natural caves to avoid overlaying caves (completed)
  • Lifeline (completed)
  • Grappin (completed)
  • Life time of torches (completed)
  • Turtle: configurable (planned) automatic mining robot
  • Oxygen bar (planned)
    • Oxygen rarification in low-lying (planned)
    • Craftable oxygen bottle (planned)
  • Querry: large-scale mining system (planned)
  • Confined explosion (planned)
    • Spreading flames from an explosion (planned)
    • Collapse of rocks above explosion (planned)

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