We are MAPMAKERS is a Minecraft map of UHC survival type (Ultra HardCore: natural regeneration disabled), playable with a minimum player. It is based on the evolution of a player, who here plays the role of a mapmaker in a survival situation (metaphor to the difficulty of succeeding as a mapmaker) who can create systems (pre-created) in a few clicks in order to improve his playing condition.


Type: Map Minecraft
Concept of: Leirof


Be the last one alive or take part in the fight against the enderdragon and defeat it. This is a non-zero sum game, so all players can win or all players can lose: a winner does not involve a loser and vice versa. All players not dead and being present in the end at the time of the death of the enderdragon win the game. However, it will be possible to decide the winners on a podium thanks to a number of points accumulated throughout the game.


This is not a basic survival because a lot of mechanics are added, some simplifying the gameplay, others making it more complex. Among these features are:

  • A “Game Version” system: Each player will have a version of the game assigned. At first, this version is a very old version of Minecraft. When a player approaches a minerals, item, or creature that is not available in their version of the game, it is removed and/or replaced. The player must therefore wait a while in order to pass the versions.
  • Players have fans (game currency system). If they accumulate enough, they can speed up the passage of a version of their game or buy additional mechanics (for example: a firearm, a radar, a vehicle, etc.). He can choose to buy these items for himself or buy them for everyone, paying more (but cheaper than if everyone bought the upgrade). The number of fans increases over time, at a speed that depends on the player’s actions.
  • Players will be able to craft and/or buy command-blocks containing a pre-created system or other object (using NoMods mechanics) through recipes he discovers over the release, in the chests and on the creatures he kills (as well as the players he kills)
  • Players receive missions randomly. They may decide to ignore them and thus lose fan gain per unit of time or accept. If the mission is accepted, it must be accomplished to win fans. Otherwise, the player will lose fans and his gain of fans per unit of time will be greatly reduced.


The concepts are made available for any team to realize. However, the recovery of a Gunivers concept is subject to certain conditions that you can find on the page of our affiliate program.

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