Subcart 2

I’m talking about a game
That some, a little too old,
Can’t know.
Games like that,
Only one finger was played.
Just enough to be well
Fun as it should be
Convenient on the subway
When we found the long time
But here it’s less easy,
It’s an adaptation
Minecraft is not tactile…

Aaaah, Subway Surfer! This good old mobile game returns to the agenda in a more cubic form. After you are caught doing graffiti on houses, you will have to run away as quickly as possible by riding a pig and following the train lines. You will then have to change rails to avoid the trains coming in front of you or jump over the tracks blocking barriers.

There’s only one instruction: move on!

Just like in the mobile version of the game, the goal is to reach the greatest distance without hitting any obstacles. As you move through the trains, they will arrive randomly in front of you and your speed will constantly increase over time. So turn off the music because to break your record, you will need all your concentration as well as all your reflexes.
Your investments will then be controllable via 2 icons in your inventory. One will allow you to change lanes, the other to jump over certain obstacles. All you have to do is aim and click the right button on your mouse.Nothing could be simpler, but when speed becomes really important, you’ll be glad that the controls aren’t more complicated 😉

Several boosters!

In order to facilitate your progress, you will have access to different bonuses that you will have to buy through the coins collected while playing. Among these bonuses, you will find:

  • Love it: Collects all the coins that passes close to you, even if you’re not on the right rail for a limited time.
  • The jet-pack: Allows you to fly over the railways. This allows you to be completely safe for a limited period of time.
  • Super sneakers: Allows your character to make larger jumps for a limited time.
  • Double Life: If you hit an obstacle, you can choose to buy an extra life. Useful to break your records even if the rabies will scream cheating.

The first three boosters also have a level of improvement to extend the activity time. Once these boosters are purchased, you can find them randomly on the rails.

Attention to detail

You’ll notice that the resource pack incorporates room or bag patterns full of paint bottles that are based directly on the basic game. Even the game’s menu is fully customised to encourage immersion. Trains have also been modelled using the 3D resource pack. However, small PCs rest assured, these models will not overheat your machine.
In addition, the creator thought of everyone and especially the new players by adding a completely animated tutorial and enough explanations for the handling to be disconcertingly simple.
Finally, you will have several items in the lobby, such as the unicorn suit or the anti-gravity zone, allowing time to pass if a player is running.



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