In the middle of July, are you hot? You fill glasses/bottles/barrels/baths/pools (for the most extreme) with ice cubes, but nothing is enough to cool you down? So we’re going to give you something that might help you. Indeed today we plagiarized another of our creations had a magical idea: to do boat races on ice! (I said magic, not logical).
Before some people scream at the scandal of seeing a map being a pure adaptation of No-Mod, know that this map is actually much more than that. It’s actually a VERY BELLE adaptation of No-Mod! But since I do not feel very convinced, let’s make a small presentation of what this map brings.

A stopwatch!

It doesn’t sound like that, but a stopwatch has been added to visualize the time spent on each lap of the circuit. It also allows you to play alone because we have for sure that you are constantly looking for friends like to have the challenge of beating your best scores!
Speaking of higher scores, these will be kept on panels at the beginning of each circuit. We also try-hard to run a few races to offer you our records and challenge you 😉

Don’t hesitate to send us a screenshot on twitter if you smash a record 😉

Create or change your circuits!

Slide incorporates a game management system. So you’ll be able to start a game at any time alone or with your friends and choose the number of spins you want! All you have to do is get close to each start of the race and watch your inventory fill with items (1 boat and 2 or 3 eggs).
Want to create your own circuit? No problems, a location allows you to do so. The circuit-creation system is then the same as that of the original NoMod.

Comment se servir de l'éditeur ?

The first item is an egg, throw it to make an ice path under your feet (throw it a second time to disable). You can also change the width of the track by dropping the egg. The permitted widths are 5, 11 and 17.
The second item is also an egg. This one is used to create the edge of the track. Throw it away to activate it. I advise you to put yourself in spectator (/gamemode 3) to use this tool it’s much simpler because you are at a constant height (you do not risk falling) and you can adjust the speed of movement according to the performance of your computer with the dial of the mouse.
The fourth item (yes the third is after) is used to place a turn for moving blocks. Place the egg looking in the desired direction and any moving block passing over it will go in that direction.
The third item is used to place moving blocks. To kill a moving block, hold the snowball (last slot) in your hand and approach.
The fifth item is used to place snow. The snow slows down the boats that pass over it. Throw away the egg to turn the tool on/off and drop it to change the width. When you drop it, a message appears specifying the new width. At the end of this message, there are two “Normal” and “Replace Air” buttons. Click these buttons (by opening the cat) to put the tool in normal mode or in replace air mode (the replace air mode will only put the snow where there is nothing). The widths allowed are 3, 7 and 11.
The 6th, 7th and 8th items are used to place the start/finish lines. Drop the 6th item to switch from several-lap mode to one point to another and vice versa.
– The mode from one point to another is much easier to install. Simply place the starting line (no glass underneath) and the finish line by breaking the glass after the line.
In several laps mode you have one egg for the finish start line and two eggs for checkpoints. The start/finish line can be placed in all 4 directions. You have to break the glass blocks that appear underneath after placing this line to increase the accuracy of the system but only on the side where you want the boats to be at the beginning of the game (pictured). The other two eggs are used to set checkpoints. They simply serve to force players to go all the way around the circuit to finish a round. You have to place one in the first third of the circuit and one in the second third. Beware, the eggs show a square of glass (which the system detects when a player passes over it) but it must be made that players pass over it in all cases (no player should pass next to the checkpoint otherwise the turn will not be counted).

A competitive game

Slide offers a race mechanic that is difficult to handle. The latter is combined with a stopwatch to create a real competitive spirit. As a result, a training room has been added in order to improve under certain conditions.
We’ve also thought of you, unskilled players, adding little easter eggs everywhere. You’ll have plenty to wait for while your friends try-hard the circuits 😉



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