Minecraft-France contest results

First of all, a big thank you to the Minecraft-France team for organizing this contest and for this endless suspense 😉
Do not hesitate to support them so that another competition like this will emerge, and who knows, few will one day become recognized worldwide thanks to you! (Well, I aim away, but still!)

The following article has been wildly copied from their site, so we invite you to take a look at it;-)

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Third position: A Ship for Nerve, by erosdog

This unpretentious little map will allow us to meet Nerve, a small alien individual that your king will ask you to help. Gather the different parts of his ship to help him get home!
Despite a certain lack of originality of the gameplay phases, we are dealing with a sincere map that, while respecting the constraints of the contest, embarks us on a small friendly adventure. You will forget this map a few hours after you finish it but you will have a great time!

Second position: BTOOOM!, by InfiniThym

Some fans of Japanese culture may know this manga featuring the adventures of Ryota, fan of the video game “BTOOOM!” in which the player must shoot down his opponents with different grenades, and who finds himself in spite of himself on a desert island, to really live this madness.
Here, each player must survive on this island and improve his equipment and base in order to prepare for the assault. The island on which many treasures and mysterious places are located will be after a few days the scene of grenade throws and massacres of all kinds. You will have at your disposal many weapons as well as small radar robots.
In short, a rather eventful map that can certainly be imagined played by a few videographers, in the manner of the many “Cities”.

First position: Evowar, by Time4Play

If there is a known, recognized and even now cult PvP map, it is Rush, created by xisumavoid. Numerous attempts at remakes and updates have emerged, but very few have stood out.
Evowar is simply an innovative rehabilitation of Rush. The empty map and the obsidian spawn have disappeared and give way to elegant flying islands and imposing statues. Your objective: to destroy the crystal held by the enemy team by building your way to the enemy team. Only here, the map is truly gigantic, and you will create your way not block by block, but by generating entire structures with a single click!
You will need to hold strategic positions to upgrade your equipment and purchase reinforced bridges and towers that will allow you to gradually advance to the enemy crystal, while repelling enemy assaults.
A complete revival of this kind of map fully using the latest features of the game and that will definitely not go unnoticed!



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