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The PackTranslator is a program for converting a Minecraft resource pack from one version of the game to another, as long as they are between 1.6.1 and the current version of the game

Almost complete support!

No need to worry about file names anymore, whether for items, blocks, entities or even folders, the software will take care of modifying them according to the versions chosen for the conversion. In addition, the language files, models, blockstate and the pack.mcmeta file can also be updated!

Some additional features

With this program you can also resize or divide textures that require these modifications, or even load Optifine (.properties) files and replace their numeric IDs with their equivalent in nominal IDs. You can also generate a file containing all the modifications that the program does not make during a normal conversion (= conversion in the PT – General tab).
You will also have access to logs, telling you what modifications were made for each file. If you are wondering what the role of each part of the program is, a “Documentation” tab is present in it, you will certainly find answers there.

All customizable!

You will be able to select which modifications are to be applied to your pack, to choose the language, the theme or the versions selected by default when launching the program. You can also choose to let the program notify you when a new version is available.

Small warning

Beta features are features that are functional in theory but may still cause issues during pack conversion. Indeed, many factors come into play, especially when converting models and blocksstates. It is therefore possible that some of them are not properly updated.
We therefore recommend that you make a backup of your pack if you plan to use one of these features.
The creators of the program (PixiGeko and Laizo) cannot be held responsible in the event of a problem when using one of these features without saving your pack.
Features in beta:

  • Model conversion
    Blockstate conversion
    Conversion of language files
    Optifine Conversion


  • PixiGeko: developer
  • Laizo: textures updates
  • Fallkonae: logo

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