Minecraft GDK

Minecraft-GDK is software that allows users to navigate a library of mapmaking tools. From the software, he will be able to download these tools and launch them, like Steam for games. The software will also have an API to help developers create their tools.


Concept of: Theogiraudet – Leirof[/box]


  • For mapmakers
    • Make it easy to navigate a library of tools
    • Be able to install them directly via the software
    • To be able to launch them via software
    • Option for the tool to be (if compatible), built into the software
    • To be able to connect your world and/or datapack to the software
    • To have information and recommendations to improve your map
    • Installation of in-game tools (LGdir, Gunivers-Lib, BlingEdit etc.)
  • For developers
    • Provide a documented API that makes it easier to create tools
      • Maintain a list of blocks/entities and their properties
      • Easy access to map features
      • Etc.
    • Enable quick integration of their software with Minecraft-GDK
    • Supporting web applications


The concepts are made available for any team to realize. However, the recovery of a Gunivers concept is subject to certain conditions that you can find on the page of our affiliate program.

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