ISE is a Minecraft mini-game/horror map set in space. You will play as a rescue crew launched to the rescue of a space station, lost in the middle of nowhere, that emits distress signals. Problem, once arrived, access to their shuttle locks and they find themselves trapped in a station that is unknown to them and seems to have gone to shreds. They then have to find a solution to escape, but they realize that these problems are not natural. They then discover the presence of an entity in the form of a swarm of insects that seeks to kill them.


Concept of: Gunivers (common concept)
e: Mini-game, survival, horror
yers: 1 player minimum
Game ti
me: 20 minutes per game[/box]


  • Global
    • Generating the station procedurally
    • Promote curls
    • Create the departure module (arrival of the crew)
    • Allow multiple modules to appear jointly
    • Assign a function to certain rooms – a malfunction scenario (with the consequences that this to)
    • Allow up to two asteroids to hit the station during the game, depressurizing the module (and confining it by closing the doors)
    • The more survivors there are, the longer the playing time
    • Different end scenarios (death of survivors, leak, confinement of the entity, arrival of specialized emergency, death of the entity etc.)
  • Survivors
      • Ability to open, close and lock doors separating modules (lock time – unlock time)
      • Provide them with an E weapon.Mr. that helps to dispel the entity. This weapon uses the energy of the station. It must recharge before allowing survivors to reuse it.
      • Allow them to repair each of the faulty modules, unless the module is destroyed (e.g. failed repair mission because time has passed)

    Allow an EVA: allows the player to move out of the station with an MMU (giving it a lower travel speed than the feature)

  • Entity
    • Can fly, both in and out of the station
    • Can unlock doors
    • May cause technical problems in modules
    • Can dissipate voluntarily to get a global view of the station. Can then reform wherever it wishes, except in direct proximity to survivors
    • Blind and slows down survivors at first, kills them at the second if they have not had time to heal in an infirmary
    • The feature will have to be playable by both a player and an AI (it will then cause random malfunctions in the station)


The concepts are made available for any team to realize. However, the recovery of a Gunivers concept is subject to certain conditions that you can find on the page of our affiliate program.

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