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After the LGdir and always in our quest to create tools for mapmakers, we came across an idea, the healthy Grail of the creative tool: a bookstore! As you will have understood, after Hierarchy, this project is our second little baby.

What’s the point?

The principle is simple: group all the elements that can be useful in creating any Minecraft map or system. For example, you will have a bank of trees to make natural decorations easier. You’ll also have access to systems that can handle projectiles like the LGdir, or pack resources to beautify your maps!

For developers?

Where development enthusiasts easily see what a bookstore is for, others have a vague or even obscure view of their usefulness in a development project.
In practical terms, it is a grouping of functions already made, allowing the developer not to have to do everything himself and to use his little fingers. Some of these functions are for example, mathematical functions. Maths is complicated, and not very game to integrate into his projects. That’s why some crazy developers have, in most languages, created functions that make it very easy to do math.
So, to determine the square root of a number, the developer only called the function ready. He doesn’t need to know how to find this root, which allows him to focus on his program.
This bookstore works the same way. Want to shoot a bullet that bounces off the walls? One order will suffice!

What about the builders?

Don’t panic! The purpose of this bookstore is not only to gather functions, but also pre-built structures, such as rocks, trees, houses or other constructions that often come up in different maps. The goal is to allow builders to spend less time on mundane things, and thus focus on the essentials.
Moreover, if you want to help us add structures in the lib, we are waiting for you on our Discord server!



  • LeiRoF: Concept – development
  • Theophraudet/Oromis: Development
  • Luludatra: Development
  • KubbyDev: Development
  • TheTagMen: Construction
  • Sotshi: Modeling
  • Faesha: Modeling
  • Greninja_San: Modeling

We also thank the donors, without whom this type of project would not have been possible:

  • Thegiraudet/Oromis
  • Syl2010
  • Leirof
  • “RedCoal”


This project is under license.If you use this bookstore in a public creation, please inform Gunivers in the credits of the latter.
In addition, don’t hesitate to share your project with us (on twitter @Gunivers_ or on our Discord)! We would love to have your feedback and even share your creation!

As the project is under development, it is updated regularly. “Stable” download links are updated with each new version tested and validated, while the link to the development version is automatically updated (instantly, as soon as you do something, you see it. Technology is beautiful). Please tell us about our discord if you have any suggestions or other ideas for this project.

Licence Creative Commons
Gunivers-Lib de Gunivers est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 4.0 International.
Fondé(e) sur une œuvre à
Les autorisations au-delà du champ de cette licence peuvent être obtenues à
Autres téléchargements
  • Stable versions use ready: Simply place the downloaded archive in the “data/function” directory in your world’s. Go back to your game in the world in question and enter “/reload” in the chat.
  • Stable versions edit ready: Unpack the archive and place the “Gunivers-Lib” folder in the “data/function” directory in your world’s. Go back to your game in the world in question and enter “/reload” in the chat.
  • Development version: The archive will contain a folder “Gunivers-Lib-master” or “Gunivers-Lib-1.12”. Rename it “Gunivers-Lib” and then install it in the same way as for stable versions.
Bien débuter

Before you try to use the features, you need to equip yourself with the right tools. To do this, we recommend installing the notepad software (an advanced text editor) as well as our add-on, the CSH (a syntactic colorator that makes it easier to read functions).
Making a complete tutorial on the use of each function would be far too long and indigestible. For this reason, we have concocted a small general tutorial allowing you to find yourself in any situation.
Each feature has a header that lets you understand:

  • Requirements (require): score(s) and/or other elements to be put in place so that the system can work (NOTE: Since version 1.13-3, dependencies are automatically managed by the bookstore. So you don’t have to worry about it anymore)
  • The parameters (input): score(s) and/or elements (s) that the function will use as data to perform its task (e.g. in a cosine function, the latter must have as data, stored on a score “Var1”, an angle between 0 and 360 degrees).
  • Returns (output): score(s) and/or other items that the function will use to retain the results (e.g., the cosinus function will put the result on a score called “Res”).
  • Other: some functions may have a rather different operation (although it’s rare). Everything is then described in the header or in a ReadMe present years the folder containing the function.

The principle of a bookstore is above all to “hide” the complexity of functions (because after all, as developers worthy of the name, we must be lazy). So, to use a function that calculates the cosinus from an angle, you won’t need to know how to calculate it. Just call the function (gunivers-lib:utils/math/cos) and you’ll have your cosinus, as if by magic! We call it a “black box” because there are dark things going on inside that we don’t need to know. Just know what data it eats and what data it refers to the output (in the case of a Cosinus, one gives an angle between 0 and 360 and it results a value between 0 and 1)
So let’s say our function is called Tuto. The next step is:

As you can see, most of the information is deduced from the header and the name of the function (the Cosinus function will make … a Cosinus, it’s like the pork salvation is marked on it).

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