Do you like to build, destroy and fight?

You don’t have to choose! EvoWar is a PvP map inspired by the game “Age of War”, as well as the unforgettable map “Rush”, combining the evolution side, construction AND destruction! Not good at cubic art? Plus a problem, create spectacular fortresses in just a few clicks!

A rush, revisited – modernized

Aaah! What memories, about “Rush.” We had a good time … moments that under 2s can’t know…. It is a pity that such a beautiful map is no longer relevant, which is why today, and as part of the Minecraft-France map-making contest, we have decided to return to the good old days!
The objective is in general always the same: fortify your base, and go on the assault of the enemy base to destroy their nexus (the good old bed is no longer really topical). Once the enemy nexus is destroyed, enemies will no longer be able to reappear. You will then have to embark on a manhunt to eliminate them all!
Random structures will appear in the coffers of each base, while the money will gradually increase over time. Each ally in protected areas will increase the money gain.

Three types of structures

Wood: Very common, but has a definite problem: it burns!
Stone: Less frequent structures beginning to appear as the team moves to stone age. Ideal for rapid progression under enemy fire.
Reinforced stone: The reinforced stone is only available by direct purchase (very high cost) or in the chests distributed on the map. It offers a larger armor than normal stone.

Several styles of fighting!

You can upgrade your armor, sword, or bow during the game! But beware, money is common to the team, while these improvements are personal. So you’ll have to specialize, and only take what’s needed!
Each team has a leader, being equipped with a pet, offering a special bonus. There are 3 pets:
Bat: Increases team agility (speed – jump-boost), and can stun enemies dealing damage to the team leader for 2 seconds (probability: 1 out of 3 chance).
Blaze: Offers a power bonus to each team member and attacks the members of the opposing team by setting it on fire.
Slime: Significantly improves allied resistance, and can weaken enemies dealing damage to the team leader for 1 second (probability: 1 in 3 chance)

Goal of the game

Like a Rush, you’ll have to destroy an element that allows the opposing team to reappear after each death. Here, this element is not a bed, but a Wither, present in a fixed place behind the opposing base. Once that Wither is killed, we’ll have to eliminate all of the opposing players still alive.
To access the Wither, you will have at your disposal eggs which, when you lay them down, will reveal a structure (bridge, tower, bunker, wall etc.). These structures are, at first, wooden and therefore sensitive to fire. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to get stone structures via a book. To do this, you will have to buy the “Stone Age” improvement. You will then see at your base that stone structures appear in addition to wooden ones.
In addition to the stone structures, the “Stone Age” upgrade will reinforce the wall behind your base. The latter slows down the progress of your enemies. It cannot be bypassed but can be destroyed (in which case, enemies will be able to get through). The “Stone Age” upgrade is therefore really advisable not to end up without a wall at the first spark.
This improvement can be purchased in a book that serves as a shop. It also allows you to buy upgrades to armor, weapons and tools. However, in addition to the “Stone Age” upgrade, all purchases of the book are applied to the player who made the purchase. Where you will have to be careful is that the money used is common to the whole team. It will therefore be necessary to collaborate and agree on who buys what and in what order. By the way, you can also buy structures in this book. This action is not recommended because the structures are expensive and can cause a delay within your team. Promote those that appear for free at your base.
To accelerate your progress, you will be able to capture islands. These islands will then allow you to teleport there to advance faster in the map. To capture them, just stay on them. To teleport there, you will have to go to your base and crouch where the island you want to reach is schematic. To help you progress, you will also have a pet. This one offers a passive advantage to the entire team (see above) as well as an active advantage to nearby players. Be careful though, this pet is only present alongside the team leader and it is not invulnerable! If your pet dies, you lose all the bonuses. Your team leader will then have to sacrifice himself to get your family back.



Seveso: Concept
Syl2010: Update 1.13
LeiRoF: Development – Help Concept
KubbyDev: Development
Warfrost9: Development Assistance – Trailer
Construction Aid
Construction Aid
A-Z: Translation


Note: This map works in pre-release or later version of the 1.9 and is very cumbersome to run, so it is advisable to have a powerful server to take full advantage of it.
You can also add the arguments below on your server to limit the resource consumption of this map.

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Java arguments
-XX: 'UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:'UseParNewGC -XX:'CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads -XX:'AggressiveOpts

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