Inspired by the famous Murder game mode on Garry’s Mod, this PvP map will put your trust in your friends to the test.

The initial concept is simple: a murderer and a detective hide in a crowd of innocents. The murderer’s goal is to discreetly kill each of the innocent. For this, he has a knife that he can throw. If he is spotted by the detective, he can kill him with his weapon. The innocent must survive all along the game. They can also pick up gold bars in order to make different purchase in the store.

Where the map differs from are counterpart on Garry’s Mod is the presence of special abilities, both for the murderer and for the innocent. These are randomly assigned and allow each member to act on the course of the game according to their beliefs.



Owns a knife that he can use melee or throw at the innocent. To retrieve it, he only needs to get close enough to where the knife landed. If the knife has landed in an inaccessible place, it will return to the murderer’s hand after a while.

On top of that, the murderer has a teleportation remote allowing him to escape the detective or make a surprise attack.

The detective is the only player with no power. He only owns a gun. If he kills an innocent man or dies, he loses his gun and another innocent man has to come and get it.

Innocents have (or not) one of the following powers:

  • Ghost: He can make himself invisible for about ten seconds, for that he just has to make a right click with the glass item he owns
  • Drugged: He can inject an illicit substance in order to get faster, unfortunately he also gets sick. Just click right with the syringe it has.
  • Taser: He owns a … taser (thank you captain obvious) that he can use remotely thanks to the right clique, this person will find himself paralyzed for a few seconds.
  • Angel: When he dies, the wrath of the gods comes down on his murderer. A lightning bolt is heard and the murderer becomes visible for a few seconds.
  • Suicidal: When this person dies, his explosive belt goes off killing everyone within a 4 block radius. (The murder can see it through particles above his head)

Each of his skills can only be activated once (especially the last two for obvious reasons).


Gold bullion: Gold bars appear on the map. You can access a store in your inventory in order to buy various items that can change the course of the game

AntiCamp: If the murder stays too long near the weapon it receives negative effects.

Secret passage: There are secret passages on each map, look carefully!

Fall Damage: You are in SuperMurder portal, you do not take any fall damage.

Advancement: There are different custom advancement specially designed for this map! (find them all)



Project managers

  • Evan
  • “RedCoal”


  • Evan
  • “Redcoal”

Some of the mechanics of this map were made thanks to the Gunivers-Lib


  • Greninja-San
  • ikbrunel
  • DJ-Milo
  • Infernaton
  • A-Z
  • Mostarax
  • Lumesio
  • PlatypusMegalo
  • LucRatiff
  • NekFlammed
  • Loyurs

Pack Resource

  • TheTagMen
  • Faesha
  • Evan
  • RossTail
  • Platypus
  • ThePyrocrafter
  • Filly Celestial


  • Z_runner

Graphic designer

  • Fallkonae


SuperMurder 1.14.x Pack 1.14.x

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