How we work

Our projects

Gunivers is a network of volunteer players and creators who aim to carry out projects of any kind, out of a simple desire to create. We make available different projects that can be very different in nature (development of Discord bot, desktop application, creation of Minecraft maps, organization of events, creation of logos or videos etc .

There are two types of projects:

  • The so-called "original" projects: those whose concept was born within Gunivers
  • The "affiliated" projects: those who have joined the network in order to receive support for implementation.

Any member can submit their project and apply to affiliate it to Gunivers, provided they have been active in the network (for the sake of trust, we do not accept requests from newcomers). If a concept from Gunivers wishes to be recovered by a team, the realization of this project must be affiliated with Gunivers and will be considered an original Project of Gunivers.

Our services

Gunivers provides logistics and motivated members to contribute to the creation of projects. Thus, if y
our project is affiliated with Gunivers, at your request, we can provide you with:

  • A Minecraft server
  • Access to a remote machine (VPS or web)
  • Media coverage of what's new and out of the project
  • Permission to ask for help from creators of a particular domain on our Discord
  • Quality monitoring of your project
  • Help on the organisation of the project
  • Advice on improvement/optimization
  • Personalised support on Gunivers products that can help you carry out your project (Gunivers-Lib, Command-Syntax-Helper etc…)


Gunivers management is divided into 4 major categories each corresponding to a role on the Discord server:

  • Guides: In order to keep the network running smoothly, guides act as administrators, moderators, creators and coffee machines. Don't hesitate to call on them for anything, they are also there for that 😉
  • The Animators: To facilitate communication within and outside our network, the animators manage the different platforms (social networks, promotion alsites and even the different Discord servers)
  • Project Managers: Each project has a manager. The latter is there to ensure that the project moves forward properly and follows the rules of project affiliation to our network. If you want to join a project in Gunivers, you can choose between becoming the project leader or asking another member to take on this role.
  • Partners: They are mainly there to represent the partner organization with Gunivers and facilitate the creation and organization of inter-community events or collaborations.

How do I affiliate a project?

If you're reading this, it's because you want to achieve something and so you're creative! We love creative people! This page explains how to present your project so that it is propelled by our network!

Où et comment ?

First of all, go to our Discord in the lounge #suggest in the category "projects" (bottom), this is where everything will happen. After thinking in detail about your project, and setting out a small specifications, you will need to create a post containing:

  • One title: Potato for example. Go as simple as possible with a short title, simple to pronounce and if possible in relation to an aspect of the project. This name can be changed later in any case 😉
  • A presentation: Explain what it is (the purpose, why, how etc.) in a few lines. If there is a reference to something existing, specify it.
  • Special feature: Explain in a few lines how this project distinguishes it from similar projects (originality, challenges of realization or other).
  • Participants: Tell us how many people are involved in this project and, if possible, their nicknames.
  • Your expectations: Tell us your needs towards Gunivers. This will give us a better idea of how to help you.
  • Advance (optional): If the project has already begun, please specify what has already been done.
  • Specifications (optional): You can attach a specification (link or file). It's not mandatory, but it's serious (especially if there are lots of graphics), and we like it. More seriously, a specification allows us to have a precise idea of the project and proves that you are doing things seriously.

There is no point in going into detail, 2 to 3 lines per game is more than enough. If necessary, The Guides will ask you questions in order to have additional information. If your presentation does not comply with this format, the post will not be validated.


Once the project is presented, it will be studied by the member or members responsible for the projects who will accept or reject it (the villains). The project will then be judged on several points:

  • Originality: An essential point, we don't like compliant copies of other projects, we want diversity so make your imagination work! 🙂
  • Motivation: No need to present a project if you are not motivated more than that by its realization …
  • The specifications: If your project holds up, that's fine. If it is thought out, thought and planned in every detail, it's better!
  • The complexity of realization: We like ambitious projects, really. If on the other hand you have cracked your underpants and the project is really too complex and/or ambitious, well … calm down and think back calmly with a good herbal infusion.
  • Our resources available: If we have too many projects in progress and no one is available, no one will be able to take care of your (logical). He will therefore either be placed on a long waiting list or refused. The latter criterion also implies not submitting a project if you are on your own. We propel your projects, we do not do them for you 😉

Condition of affiliation

All projects you wish to join Gunivers will be subject to these 6 rules. The latter are simple, fair and equitable and a breach of one of these rules will result in a permanent ban on our network.

Warning: these rules can be scary at first glance but they are essential in order to ensure the smooth running of the network and the respect of its members while leaving a very large number of freedom. If you have any questions about these conditions, please contact a Guide to Our Discord.


First of all, be aware that Gunivers does not support projects that involve any remuneration. We take Minecraft as a game, not as a business tool. No money enters the pockets of one of the creators will be tolerated. The money incoming through donations and advertisements will only cover the costs associated with the project. If the project generates gains anyway, they will have to be reinvested in another project or donated to a charity.


When presenting the project, the credits must be clearly marked before the download button or link. These credits must consist of:

  • Project Manager and Designer: The project manager and designer must distinguish themselves from other names in any way, unless they refuse this distinction.
  • Members' name: Each member must have a minimum of his or her nickname displayed. You can then specify its role or other information and organize the list as you wish.
  • Team Names: If the project was carried out with teams outside Gunivers, these teams must be mentioned. Preferably, try to make the connection between the members and their membership team.
  • Gunivers: The project being propelled by our community, this name must be put forward.

There can be no "piece of credit" in a video presentation, article or other. If a member is quoted in one place, the other members must be mentioned in the same place as well.

The most common case is the video presentation containing "video made by MrX", without mentioning the creators of the product that this video presents.

Here's an example of a credit presentation:

Exemple de présentation de crédits

Map by Time4Play teams – HexionTM

Project powered by the Gunivers community

LeiRoF: Project Manager, Designer, Developer and Builder
KubbyDev: Develope
rLocolven: Manufactu
rerParadox: Manufac
turerFirexMoon: Buil
derDovhalex: Builder
DYSYX: Tester

We especially thank the Team of HexionTM (now Erisium) for their participation in the construction of the arena map.

By default, you'll need to credit each member. However, if an external team intervenes in the project, the project may wish to be credited only on behalf of the team and not individually as was the case in this example. At this time, a small message of thanks is welcome.


A completed project must be validated by the Guides. We then reserve the right to refuse publication of the project if it does not meet its primary objective (which is why it was created) or if it does not reach an acceptable level of quality.

Rest assured, this happens very rarely because projects are often well supervised and receive a lot of help 😉

In the event of a refusal, you can then choose to continue and improve the project so that it is accepted (no limit of attempts, we assume that it is by failing to learn). You can also choose to publish the project independently. If you choose the second solution, you will be prohibited from proposing new projects within our network.


Some elements will need to be added to your project before it can come out publicly:

  • Our community lives only through its members, and the more we have, the more effective we can be. You will therefore need to make a mention of Gunivers in the project quite clear.
  • Some members of the community allow the community to live by donating, advertising or other. They should be given due good will. To do this, you agree to include in your project a minimum of 5 easter eggs or other means of reference to their effigy (which we call GuniEgg).
    • These 5 GuniEggs will be requested by a member of the team. If you don't get any requests from GuniEgg, then you don't have to put one on, it's as simple as that!
    • You can also make your own GuniEggs in addition to those requested. If you do, we will make sure that a GuniEgg is dedicated to you on someone else's project 😉

The project will receive a dedicated exhibition and the project manager will have access to a lounge dedicated to members with responsibilities within the community. This exhibition will give you access to most of the information about Gunivers's activities. We will ask you to do the same on your server, i.e. at a minimum:

  • Create a show dedicated to the presentation and announcements of Gunivers
  • Give reading access to Staff Lounges for Guides

Both Guides and project managers will be required to keep secret the information obtained in these work rooms, unless this information has been made public beforehand.

Projects will also have to show some activity in order not to be considered abandoned. To do this, we strongly recommend that you hold at least one meeting per month with all the team members in charge of the project. What comes out of this meeting can also be published on our Discord to allow you to increase your visibility and inform our members of the progress of your project.

Bien séance

In case the project has a Discord server, the latter must follow some basic rules (again, these rules are very basic, free to you behind to add your own rules). These rules should be presented in a salon that also includes a link to our Di
scord.These rules are:

  • Stay kind in all circumstances
  • No promotion for a project involving any remuneration

In addition, the news will have to go both ways. A trade show should then allow a Guide (or Gunibot if you agree to invite it) to publish ads about Gunivers.

If these conditions have not discouraged you, then go out and join our big family

! Be creative!

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