Material Energy^5: Entity is the third official modpack of the Material Energy Main Series.
The Material Energy Series couples a modpack to an adventure map, providing a greater experience to the player. The goal of this series is to travel from different rooms loaded in an AE system, each distinct and challenging, gathering unique resources and completing quests in order to complete the monument and achieve a final goal!


The space station set to autonomously hold all of reality together has sent out a distress call: “Error: Universe not found. Catastrophic failure.” You must return to the AI-run facility and find out what happened before the end of everything you know and everyone you love. Throughout your quest to resolve the sundering of time and space, you will explore strange new lands and bizarre alternate dimensions. You will collect legendary objects of power and construct machines that can bend reality itself. By the end, you will also need to face your darkest fears- but you must never give up!The universe is depending on you.

A few tips before you start your adventure:
– If you get stuck, make sure to read the quests because they might help you find the solution!
– This modpack is balanced around 2 to 3 players on normal difficulty. However, if you wish to play with more or less players, adjust the difficulty as needed.
– This modpack will be challenging, even with multiple players on normal difficulty. You will die, but you will recover and eventually succeed!
Good luck in your adventure through Material Energy^5: Entity!



  • Greninja_San – Architect / Gameplay – Project Chief
  • PraxVenter – Author / Quests
  • Parcel31u – Programming
  • Stelle – Visual Artist

Beta testers:

  • MrPeach774
  • Void_Sentient
  • evan91380
  • GeekerAndy
  • factorcore
  • LynxieVice
  • Shiftegan
  • Gassou
  • 016Nojr
  • sbzklz
  • Sample_Furry
  • NoHaxJustJ4COB
  • Tomz12345678
  • ManlyCupcake
  • Gldxn
  • Hardel – Senou
  • Wryyyyyyyyy

Special thanks:

  • GeekerAndy & Senou – Loot Crates
  • Slowpoke (FTBTeam) – All his tips and help
  • The ME^TEAM members for their support!

Custom Boss Theme by YouFulca – Significance of Existence – Website


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