Who are we?

Gunivers is a creative, self-help and entertainment network focused on video games and currently specializing in Minecraft. We promote the creation of original projects by providing logistical support to each creator who needs it.

Help us to translate!

Because we are a french community, most of our articles are only in french. Now, we want to open our creations to the world and we need to tranlate our site. But it take time and it require skill in english… but we are from the baguette country so we haven’t this skill… so we need you! If you want to help us, please contact us on our Discord server!

Our services


We provide and configure the servers and platforms necessary for the realization of our affiliated projects.


We provide a community of listening and self-help to form a fertile environment for the realization of projects.


We also help to disseminate the projects on different major communication platforms when they are released.

Our networks


Join a growing community with over 400 members already!


Don’t miss any videos! We are posting trailers and the progress of our latest projects!


Stay up to date with the latest news from the community and our partners!

Help us

Help us to continue and evolve by supporting us on Utip! Receive as a thank you an exclusive access to our infrastructure (possibility to create game servers, early access to our projects etc…)

Our partners


Minecraft-France.fr is a news and help website entirely dedicated to Minecraft. You will find a blog as well as a forum and a discord server particularly active!


Play-mc.fr is, since 2015, a community providing a set of servers offering a complete Minecraft game experience (survival, hardcore, creative, snapshot) and as close as possible to vanilla.


InovaPerf is a remote server hosting company offering an excellent quality/price ratio. Whether you want to create a game server like Minecraft, host a website or simply have a storage server, you will surely find your happiness there. You’ll also get a 20% discount on your first purchase with the code GUNIVERS


DataWorld is a community similar to ours and focused on Datapacks and other personal projects. They also have many very active self-help rooms.

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