Creative Olympics

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Beginning of the event: August 16, 2020 – 18h UTC

End of the event: August 23, 2020 – 22h UTC




As well as on different Minecraft servers. The address of these last ones will be communicated at the beginning of the event.

Course of events

The event will take place over a week. A first opening ceremony will take place on a Sunday (probably August 16) at 18:00 UTC and will conclude the following Sunday at the same time.

  • Sunday:
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Announcement of the theme and constraints for part 1 (map creation)
    • Presentation of sponsors and charities
  • Monday: Tournaments
  • Tuesday: Tournaments
  • Wednesday:
    • Special Community Events Day
    • Interventions of associations and sponsors
  • Thursday: Tournaments
  • Friday: Tournaments
  • Saturday:
    • Special Community Events Day
    • Interventions of associations and sponsors
  • Sunday:
    • Tournament Finals
    • Closing Ceremony
    • Announcement of interim winnings



Bring together players and creators from different countries in the same community event!


Innovate and always find new ideas on new ways to help, unite and evolve in a fraternal atmosphere appreciated by all players.


Support the causes that concern us all and for which we can never do enough.



There will be 2 types of teams: teams composed of one person and teams composed of 4 to 6 people (6 recommended, to compensate eventual absences).


The event will focus on 3 main disciplines: construction, datapacks and resource-packs. In addition to this, the creation of maps (part 1) will be added, involving the three disciplines and PvP / Survival to add a little spice to the event.




Competitors will compete in several parts:

  • First part: Creating a map in one week, in parallel with parts 2 and 3. This map must be playable and must involve all disciplines. A theme as well as one or more constraints will be imposed.
  • Second part: A tournament in each of the different categories opposing the teams. One tournament for solo teams and one tournament for teams from 4 to 6 players.
  • Third part: A second tournament, not to evaluate the ability to create, but the ability to survive and to fight against other teams! Thus, several competitions will be spread over maps such as Battle Royal and Bed Wars.

Each of the matches of the second and third parts will be divided into 2 to 3 rounds, the winning team will be defined by a BO3.


All day long, streamers will be invited to present various programs such as:

  • Tutorial/Answers to questions about creating resource-packs, builds or datapacks
  • Matches between teams made up of spectators and/or participating teams if they wish to train
  • Presentation of associations and sponsors



  • The public will have the ability to rate each achievement out of 10. Then, for a given team and category, we will average the scores to evaluate the best team in that category.
  • The public will be able to bet (real money) on the teams they want. This money will be donated to charity.


  • People who have donated at least 1€ will have, during the event, access to private servers hosting visit maps, mini game maps and build maps (with a limited number of players).
  • People who bet on one of the winning teams will have a chance to win rewards (ranging from a simple T-shirt to more expensive gifts such as consoles depending on the winnings generated). The more money the person puts into the team, the more chances they will have to win rewards if that team wins (limit to $5, which multiplies their chance by 5. Beyond that, the money is considered a pure donation).



If you have a community of more than 300 people, you can become a sponsor of the event by sharing ads on your social networks. In return, you will be posted on the official website of the event as a sponsor and a special sponsor lounge will be opened on the Discord server to allow you to publish a presentation of your activities or even share your ads.


Do you have a Youtube or Twitch channel with more than 1000 subscribers? You will be able to rebroadcast parts of the event and a link to your live will be visible on the official event list. The schedule of the streams will be defined in advance according to the number of requests and the teams that will compete.


You think you can help the event by offering a service or equipment? Contact us, we will discuss it in detail! If the help you offer is valuable to us, you will then be an official partner of the event and will be displayed as such on the site. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to intervene in the event’s streaming programme to promote your activity.

Our partners

Our sponsors

Many more will arrive!


The Creative Olympics event doesn’t come out of nowhere. It succeeds the formerly known MineAthon. Here is a short nostalgic video of what the MineAthon managed to accomplish before its fall. We will do our best to pick up the torch and try to go even further!

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