Genesys is a Minecraft PvP map each for either, taking place in a small but very complex space (dense jungle, underground complex, ruined city etc.). Each player appears at a random location and is assigned a target with a position indicator. If he manages to kill his target, or kill another player he is targeting, he earns points, allowing him to improve his skills and tools. If he kills a player with no prey/predator link to him, he loses a skill level on his abilities and/or tools. The goal is to kill its target (which changes every time it is killed) in a time allotted.
Players will have different classes, offering them skills from the start of the game. These skills cannot be removed but can go back down to the lowest level. All players will have the opportunity to steal someone else’s skill via an in-game tool. The tools will be randomly deposited in the nooks and cranies of the combat zone.


  • Panther
    • Passive: If it sneaks for a while, it earns a temporary power bonus
    • Active: temporary improvement in speed and jump
  • Bear
    • Passive: damage resistance
    • Active: dash that can take enemies with it, dealing damage if it hits a block
  • Chameleon
    • Passive: has the name, head and armor of another player. If he sprints or takes damage, they temporarily recover his true identity
    • Active: can make itself invisible for a short time
  • Vulture
    • Passive: The enemy’s position indicator walks a shorter distance and has night vision
    • Active: temporarily highlights all players
  • Hedgehog
    • Passive: Can climb walls
    • Active: Reviews damage to its attackers
  • Mosquito
    • Passive: has a slight drain of life
    • Active: can teleport over a short distance
  • Squid
    • Passive: has a regeneration bonus out of combat
    • Active: Gives a temporary blindness effect to nearby players
  • Human
    • Passive: can steal tools from players with a prey/predator link that it kills
    • Active: Can set hidden traps that will deal damage and immobilize players with prey/predator locations with it.


Type: Map Minecraft
Concept of: Leirof


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