Cube Control

So much nostalgia when you think back to those old Minecraft maps that you could play without ever getting tired … Fortunately, some nostalgic mapmakers have decided to take these previously abandoned concepts in dusty boxes and turn them into new modern maps and just as fun as the old ones! After Rush Reloaded, here’s a rework of Cube Control!


Because a few words from the creator are better than a long speech:

Cube Control is a map originally made by Xisuma in snapshot 1.4.2 based on the BedWars, the goal being the same as the BedWars. To achieve victory, you need to work as a team and farm resources in cubes and trade with NPCs. Attention! It is STRICTLY forbidden to craft another bed. However, you can move it. Don’t forget to sleep before you die😛

It’s all said and it’s all said!

What’s up?

First of all, the systems! They’re brand new, fresh and purring like a cat. This update allows, among other things, to reset the map without having to re-upload the world to your server!
There are also changes to the gameplay:

  • The spawers are now “invisible” but remain breakable by destroying the 4 metal bars present in the corresponding cube.
  • Villagers now exchange:
    • Armorer:
      • Team-colored leather armor
      • Mesh armor
      • Metal armor
    • Cleric
      • Gold nuggets
      • Golden ingot
      • Spider’s Eye
      • Blaze stick
      • Magma cream
      • Creeper Powder
    • Weapon Smith
      • Stone Sword
      • Stone Sword with Recoil 2
      • Stone sword with aura of fire
      • Lighter
    • Librarian
      • Lapis lazuli
      • Book
      • Enchantment table
    • Alchemist
      • Fire resistance potion
      • Speed Potion
      • Potion of instantaneous life
      • Potion of force
      • Dragon’s Breath
  • The bonus sword is in looting 3 (compared to 5 previously)
  • Free stone stone pickaxe at the beginning of the game (offered by the house)



  • ThePyrocrafteur: Project Manager – Developer
  • GFonix: Developer
  • Aypleck: Developer
  • PlatypusMegalo: Builder
  • Sliride: Builder

Original map (by Xisuma): Cube Control



WARNING: Don’t log out during the game. You may block the game. Before you disconnect think about committing suicide😉

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