Command Syntax Helper

Colors! Lots of colors!

With the arrival of the 1.12, it is now possible for us to write real Minecraft scripts in text files. The opportunity for us to facilitate development by adding colors on the different syntaxes of the commands! With CSH, properly written syntaxes will appear in color, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for and/or see an error easily! No more typos and other inattention errors that make everything bugger, now you can develop a Minecraft script as easily as with any other language!

How do I use it?

First of all, you need a text editor (we recommend notepad) to add language configurations. Once on the software, you’ll find the “Language” menu in the top bar. Go ahead and click “Define Your Language.” A pop-up appear showing this:

Click “Import” and then select the Command Syntax Helper file that has been previously stored on your computer. Save the file under the name “CSH” and then close the pop-up window. Return to the “Language” menu, CSH (or other name you gave it) is now on the language list (a software restart is sometimes necessary). Select it and have fun!
Note: This setup was made to be on a black background. To put a black background, go to the “Setting” menu and then to “Syntactic Coloring Configuration.” A pop-up window then opens. At the top of the latter, choose the theme “Deep Black” and then click “Save and Close”




  • Theogiraudet


  • Theogiraudet (original version)
  • Mathaym25 (update 1.13)
  • Awhikax (update 1.16)


The language file is still in development. Please send us your impressions and suggestions in the comments or on social networks 😉

Autres téléchargements

Download link 1.16 put online

22/03/2018: Support for new elements added to the game (blocks, features, items, sounds, gamerules, etc.)

Download link 1.13 put online

24/03/2018: Added NBT management
24/03/2018: Changing colours
03/24/2018: Added new blocks and items
03/24/2018: Update 1.13

Download link 1.12 put online

23/05/2017: Changing comments (they are now preceded by a "O" and not a "//")
23/05/2017: Removal of "/" support
23/05/2017: Configuration in XML format (it was previously without extension)
23/05/2017: Files with the mcfunction extension now automatically read with CSH
14/05/2017: Added block, item, entity and goal types management
14/05/2017: Added negative number management
12/05/2017: Changing colours
11/05/2017: Creation of CSH

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